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Your life isn't bad but sometimes you wonder, "Is this all there is?" or "I wish I knew my life's purpose." or "I'd like to go from good to great in my relationships, career, health, as well as have the time and money freedom to do the things I would love to do!"


If you are looking for help in navigating through transitions, increasing your clarity, amplifying your confidence, or achieving your next level of success, coaching is a unique partnership that creates a solid system of support, encouragement and accountability to help you reach your destination faster than you could ever achieve on your own.

You will find more information on my Coaching Programs below. If you are not sure which option is right for you, schedule a consultation and let's see how I am able to help meet your needs!

Live Your Dream

Coaching Program

My Live Your Dream Coaching program will help you discover your strengths, passions and abilities, identify your core values, empower you to discover your dream, and give you the confidence and success strategies to bring your dream into reality.

Live Your Dream is the perfect coaching program if you have a business you want to dramatically grow, a project you want to take to the next level, or if you want to gain clarity on what your Dream is and your life’s purpose. 

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Encore Career

Coaching Program

Do you believe there is something more you are meant to do with the talents and strengths you have?

Have you dreamed of a more fulfilling career but felt you were too old to try it?

Are you ready to be retired from your current job but not ready to retire without a paycheck?

Would you love to continue to make money in your retirement, and elegantly transition into an encore career?

If this sounds like you then you're in the right place. My Signature Encore Career Coaching Program uncovers your unique design and helps you develop the confidence and steps required to create an encore career that feels like a calling!


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Transforming Your Grief & Loss

Coaching Program

Loss isn’t limited to death. We experience a sense of loss when someone or something special is no longer part of our lives such as with divorce, job loss, retirement, a life-altering illness or disability, estranged relationships, or a move. Loss often triggers feelings of pain, suffering and an inability to know how to navigate a new “normal.”


This 12 session coaching program offers a roadmap to help you transform your loss into personal growth and learn to embrace life again.  Through a series of guided exercises and conversations, you will learn the principles of transformation that will help you understand yourself better, create opportunities to heal the past, change the present and transform the future.  Ultimately, it a guided journey to finding purpose and joy.

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My Approach

Through my coaching programs, I seek to help people overcome their struggles and challenges while reaching for their dreams. As an encourager, compassionate listener and observer, I love to inspire people to discover solutions, develop new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and ultimately, create a life of purpose, meaning and joy.


I tailor my approach to fit the unique and complex needs of the individual I am working with. Through careful questioning, I seek to enhance my clients' self-awareness  as they journey into a discovery of their strengths, values, and passions.  I assist in helping them leverage their life experiences and daily challenges to develop new skills for creating a life they love to live.


All of this in a  holistic framework which includes looking at one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains of living and promoting balance between the systems. Schedule a consultation today to see how I can help you bring your dreams into reality!

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