Clarify What You're Bringing to The Table:


First, we will dive deeply into essential assessments that help you get clear on your strengths, passions, values and how they may have changed and evolved over the years.


This is often radically clarifying for my clients who simply haven't had the time to reflect and appreciate their experience and inevitable evolution of their values.

Uncover What's Holding You Back:


Next, we'll discover what stories and self-limiting beliefs may be getting in your way and how to gently upgrade your internal thoughts. You will create new beliefs that actually help you move forward with greater ease.

Explore Your Options and Set an Encore Career Goal:


We’ll explore your options and develop a crystal clear vision for what you'd like to create. It's normal that when you're in a place of "what's next?" or "get me outta here!" that your mindset can become very black and white, and thus it becomes quite difficult to see what's truly achievable. Your vision will serve as a target that informs each step you take.

Start Building Your Dream:


Next, using your insights into the 10 steps of dream building (after listening to audio lessons on your own) we will do a “deep dive” into applying the principles to your life and the dream career you are longing for. This is when we take your internal breakthroughs and apply them in the real world.  You’ll create a plan and take concrete action steps in the world to creating your encore career that feels like a calling! 

Live Out Your Dream


Upon completion, with dedication and commitment from you, you will be able to live a life that is profitable, peaceful, purpose-filled and in total alignment with who you really are!

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I seek to create an atmosphere of positivity, encouragement and faith that supports your desire to take you life from good to GREAT!

I am with you every step of the way gently helping you to believe in your capabilities, teaching you to ask yourself the tough questions that get you the results you are looking for and cheering you on with each milestone you reach. 

I commit to be there for you and give you 100% of my time and attention during our session. I will be kind and patient with your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are without judgment. I will keep you focused on YOUR goals (and holding you accountable for taking the action steps you agree to, or renegotiating them). Lastly, I will care deeply about you and your success!

Together, we will elevate your life and career to a whole new level of joy, contentment and gratitude!

It may be helpful to know that I have a plan for getting you to your encore career that feels more like a calling. Below I have outlined the action steps that I take with you during our coaching sessions to create a life you would LOVE to live!

Fire Up Your Retirement with an Encore Career


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