Get Ready to Fire Up Your Early Retirement with an Encore Career

Do you believe there is something more you are meant to do with the talents and strengths you have?

Have you dreamed of a more fulfilling career but felt you were too old to try it?

Are you ready to be retired form your current job but not ready to retire without a paycheck?

Would you love to continue to make money in your retirement, and elegantly transition into an encore career?

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out for sure…

So how did you get here?

If you’re anything like me and my clients, it is easy to get caught up in the lie that once we reach a certain age (45+) we better just settle in and be thankful we are even employed.

However, you might have landed in your profession at a young age and haven’t ever really explored what it would be like to try something new: to open a business, change course or develop a new skill that is more in alignment with what’s important to you.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a monumental life event that has awakened you into action such as a health crisis, the death of a spouse, divorce or even an “early” retirement forced upon you due to employer downsizing.

Or maybe, you are like I once was: tied to a “golden handcuffs” type of job with good pay, benefits, and some “security” (is there really such a thing anymore?).

No matter how you got here, I bet in some way, you’re feeling like you’re just existing, not necessarily challenged or using your gifts to impact the world in a more profound way. 

I get it! I was afraid to leave the “comfort” zone too!

Leaving the comfort and convenient zone involves risk. Risk that it wouldn’t work out and perhaps I’d fall flat on my face.  Risk I might embarrass myself.

But day in, day out I listened to many around me who were counting down the days to retirement when they could finally be “released” to living life freely, doing what they love. 

I too was caught in that mind-set until I really started to tune into a deeper purpose and a longing for a new career that stimulates me and makes use of more of my skills and strengths.

The turning point? Seeing the untimely, early death of a similar-aged peer rang a warning bell for me. 

Experiencing this untimely death forced me to take stock of my life and that’s when I realized none of us are guaranteed that we will get to that magic “retirement” age.


I just knew I would regret ignoring the call to start my own encore career if my time ran out before I was “ready.”  

That’s when I took the plunge!

It’s never too late to pursue your dream. But why wait any longer?

Your dream may not look like mine, but there’s always a way forward.

What is possible…

  1. You can decide to do something different at ANY age!

  2. You are capable of much more than you may believe.

  3. You can make money doing what you LOVE.

  4. You have a unique set of talents, strengths and skills that are perfect for an encore career that will be fulfilling and worthwhile.

  5. You can tune into your unique design and create the mindset required to get to the results you would love—your dream encore career!!



When you have the right support, accountability and mentoring you can absolutely discover what you would LOVE to be doing with your time and talents that will bring more meaning, purpose and joy into your life.

I can show you how to do this, one strategic step at a time.


Hi I’m Dr. Richelle and I have made it my life’s work to help other “early retirees” like myself take a bold step into a new direction.

Based on 28 years as a clinical psychologist, college instructor and student success counselor, and now a trained coach specializing in baby boomers who are preparing for their next “act”. I can help you tune into your unique design and deep longings for a rewarding and purpose-filled encore career.  I’ve created a step by step system for helping you discover your unique design to move you toward a career that will provide years of peace, joy and meaning.  It’s never too late to dream a new dream or even pursue an old one!

If you’re serious about making the most of the next 15-20+ years of your career, and you’re wondering what that might look like, schedule an Encore Career Breakthrough Session and let’s see how I can help!

Not ready yet? Click here to learn more about how I can help you create that encore career that feels like a calling.

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